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  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me jacksonville fl
  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me


    When you come home from a long day at work and sit down to watch your favorite t.v. program, only to find that the set is on the fritz
  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me jacksonville fl


    Our service Call is FREE if the set is fixed the same day!

Are you sitting around at home, bored and going crazy because your TV has up and decided to quit working?

Here at Advance Electronic Tech, we understand your pain. We understand that surge of irritation that hits when your television goes out, but you’re so close to the big game, or that addictive TV show you just have to watch. In times like this, you’d do anything for an expert TV repair service. Well if your television goes AWOL in the San Marco, FL area, don’t rush out and waste money on a whole new TV, just call Advance Electronic Tech at 904-333-5936 to save the day with affordable same day repair.

We’ll go above and beyond to accommodate your individual situation, even asking exactly when you would like us to come over, and calling ahead of time to confirm that you are there. Our friendly, expert technicians repair a wide variety of televisions; and work on all major TV brands. At Advance Electronic Tech, we pride ourselves on providing an abundance of services.

Brands and Styles Serviced
• Mitsubishi • Sharp • Akai • LCD
• Sony • Toshiba • Magnavox • LED
• Samsung • LG • Hitachi • 3DTV
• Vizio • JVC • Pioneer • DLP
• RCA • Philips • Sanyo • Projection
• Panasonic • Emerson • Polaroid • Plasma


Other Services
• Written estimates for insurance claims
• Free follow up visit if required

We understand, nothing is more bothersome than a broken TV. Boredom, missed shows, disruption of social gatherings… it’s just an unacceptable mood crasher. But don’t panic, let Advance Electronic Tech take your frustrations away with our specially trained technicians. We’ll have your television repaired quickly and efficiently.






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