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Plasma TVs provide a fantastic picture in a darkened room. They also have a nice wide viewing angle, which means that any guests sitting in side chairs will continue to get a nice view of the football game. They’ve become far more affordable over the years, and some nice technological advances have made them more practical.

A plasma TV gives you a picture by lighting up colored gas. It’s not all swirling around in there, mind—every pixel holds gas in its own tiny bulb structure. The magic of a plasma TV is all about the screen. That’s where a lot of the problems start, too. Unlike other television sets, the screen itself is an incredibly complex piece of equipment.

If you’ve got a bad screen you’ll see flashing red dots on your display, or a series of distorted colors or lines. Usually the screen itself has to be replaced.

Be careful when you’re handling your plasma TV—screen trauma is tragically common, and plasma screens are a bit like car transmissions: quite expensive to repair, especially in proportion to the value of the car.

Overheating is also very common. If you allow this problem to continue it could easily damage every component in your set, so it’s very important to have it looked at the moment it happens.

Finally, there are power supply issues. These power supplies have to power each and every one of those tiny bulbs, and thus they handle twice as much power as other sets. They are very sensitive to power surges and they fry easily. We can replace them, but we’ll tell you to get a surge protector in the future!

Whatever your plasma problem, know that we are here to help. We can diagnose and address the issue in your own home so that you can get back to your favorite shows that much faster. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

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