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A LCD (or liquid crystal display) TV is a great option. These sets deliver crystal clear pictures but don’t encounter the same sorts of problems that plasma sets encounter. For example, you’ll never have to worry about image burn with an LCD. You can also get smaller LCDs, which can help if you’re on a budget.

You may also hear these sets referred to as LED sets, since many LCDs use a series of LED lights to backlight the display. This can be an advantage over models that use a single lamp or bulb.

What happens when LCD TVs start to experience problems?

Power problems are by far the most common issue that we see for this type of TV. These can range from the set refusing to turn on at all to a set that experiences intermittent shut-downs. Sometimes a failed firmware update can cause this issue, but a worn out power supply is just as likely to be the culprit.

We’ve also seen a host of display problems such as backlight bleeding, stuck pixels, and clouding. We’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeves to help us deal with these annoying issues.

Are you experiencing flickering screens, unusual colors, lines, or sounds? These issues can be caused by capacitor failures. Capacitor failures can be dangerous as a capacitor’s function is to store a great deal of electricity—and your LCD will typically use some very large capacitors. Making a mistake here can endanger your life, so it’s important to call a qualified technician to address the problem.

Ready to schedule your home visit? Call us today. We can get your LCD repaired, even if we didn’t list your specific problem here. With over two decades of experience, there’s just not that much that an LCD can throw at us that we haven’t already seen!

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