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Top TV Repair Issues And How To Get It Repaired Through A Professional

June 23, 2021

Electronic items demand maintenance, and if the need arises, repair too. There are many possible issues which you can face with your TV then you will have to take your electronic item to the tv repair near you

Now, let’s look at the most common tv issue you might face or might be facing right now. 

1) No Picture 

You might have come across this problem once till today. The most popular reason is that the incorrect input is on your TV. Typically, you can change the input by pressing a button labeled “input,” “source,” or “TV/Video” on your remote TV. Keep pressing the button to cycle through the inputs until you have your image back.

2) Video and audio are not in a sync 

Are you just laughing because the actor’s actions are not matching with the dialogues? But this can be fun for a shorter duration. After some time, nothing can be more annoying than seeing someone’s mouth move, but what you hear isn’t in sync. 

You can go to your TV or cable box’s audio settings and adjust the “audio delay.” This should put you back in sync.

3) Pixels breaking up 

Another common issue you might face is a disturbance on the screen and the TV’s picture breaking up. The major reason for it can be weak signals. To solve this problem, you can check all the connections and make sure everything and every cable is in the right place. 

4) TV turns on and off abruptly 

This is a very prevalent problem with TVs. To solve it, try the following:

• Unplug the television from the power outlet. Please keep it for a minute without power and then plug it back up. It can sometimes be brought back to function by resetting the system.

• Remove the devices placed near your TV, such as remote controls/extenders, as infrared signals emitted by them may interfere with the TV.

• Change the batteries of the tv remote. 

These are the top four common problems you might face, and if these problems occur regularly, you should seek professional help. If you are looking forward to enjoying the best Mobile TV Repair, we offer exceptional services at the most genuine price. 

Our technicians are proficient in their work, and they can solve your problems in the shortest duration possible. 

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