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5 Signs That Your TV Might Be Failing? 

March 02, 2022

These days, it’s almost inevitable to visit a tech service virtually for any error but to be well informed and know what to expect, it’s worth knowing the most common TV errors. Many of these faults also apply to TV repair, but not all are related to the CCFL bulbs lighting up the panels and the high voltages they need to operate. And now it is essential to turn to professional hands to solve any problems this device can cause, which can undoubtedly boast more modern technologies. Is your TV broken now? That’s why it’s essential to know the five most common signs to visit TV Repair near me

Color distortion: A distorted screen may indicate a malfunctioning TV. Traditionally, this problem is gradual, meaning you may not notice a difference at first. This is due to the common factor that color eventually tends to fade; therefore, no apparent changes occurred overnight. Phantom color is also an issue; If there are spots of bright color in an area that should be completely white, you can be sure there’s a problem. Color distortion is relatively easy to correct, so don’t despair! Contact a professional TV Repair near me for advice.

Bands and Stripes: If you see bands and stripes on the screen, it usually indicates a problem with the port. This can happen when something magnetic is placed near the TV and, in turn, can significantly mess up the picture and possibly even render the screen nonmagnetic. The problem could also be due to a loose cable on the screen, which is easy to fix, although a professional TV Repair near me may be required as the TV may need to be opened. Lines or bars usually run horizontally, so this problem can be easily noticed, especially if it appears suddenly.

TV has no sound: If your TV screen is fine, but there is no sound, it means that there is a fault in the circuit board or damage to the speakers. Try increasing the volume on your remote to the maximum to check the sound. Ensure the TV input is correct, the TV is not turned off, or headphones are not plugged into the audio-out jack on the side or front of your TV. Also, check that all cables connected to the back of your TV are correct and not loose. If there is still no sound, you need to call a professional TV Repair near me to open the TV and check the circuit board.

Blur Screen: Another common problem is when the image displayed on the screen appears blurry or fuzzy. Minor details are usually lost, and image quality is poor, quickly turning an enjoyable movie experience into discomfort and stress. When the received signal is a digital standard (480p), this problem may occur because the resolution and display do not match. It should also be noted that the digital signal that your TV receives can also be affected by weather conditions, so the picture may appear blurry and glitchy. However, the good news is that if this happens to a modern TV, it will most likely be fixed so you can enjoy TV for a long time.

Screen fade: If the TV is on, but the image is faded in some areas of the screen, you will have a hard time enjoying the content. You can try to ignore signs like blemishes, but there’s no denying that they will ruin your experience. Fading spots are not uncommon and can be accompanied by other serious problems such as your picture turning black after turning on the TV. A faded screen is likely caused by a faulty backlight system, which means you will need to repair or replace the TV. 


Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your TV isn’t working or the picture problem with the show itself. However, there are clues you can look for to diagnose your lousy TV quickly. Call our team today and discuss your TV needs with us. We offer repairs as well as a wide range of products. 

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