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  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me jacksonville fl
  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me


    When you come home from a long day at work and sit down to watch your favorite t.v. program, only to find that the set is on the fritz
  • Advance Electronic Tech tv repair near me jacksonville fl


    Our service Call is FREE if the set is fixed the same day!

Advanced Electronic Tech Inc.  provides quick repair services over a large geographic area including Baymeadows in Jacksonville Fl

Our home repair services are competitive as we require low overhead for our mobile services. This is an advantage to you as you are able to pass the saving to you.

If we can repair the TV set on the same day, we will not charge for the service Call.  In some instances we may not be able to finish the repairs in a day so we will include the service call fee on your total repair costs.


We repair all kinds of TVs including:

Plasma TVs
Projection TVs

There has been a changed in technologies meaning the electronics of today’s televisions is not the same of the latter years. This should not bother you as our technicians have experience beyond 22 years and are constantly learning the new technologies from manufacturers so they are able to help you, and most of the times can repair your TV in the initial visit.

They have experiences in repairing TVs of the following brands Magnavox, Akai, Emerson, LG, Polaroid, Mitsubishi, Samsung, RCA, Sony, Sanyo, Vizio, Panasonic, Phillips, Sharp, JVC and Toshiba.

Additionally, we will offer a guarantee for the repairs for 6 months .You need not worry as you can see your TV repair needs will be in good hands, give us a call today and let us do the rest to get your TV up and running in no time.


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