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We are very grateful for the rave reviews that we have received from our highly valued customers. The reviews showcase the level of satisfaction that our customers have after receiving our unique services for TV repair in Jacksonville Fl. We have rendered effective TV repair services on time, every time. We have serviced the TVs of the reviewers on their premise at the very first visit. All parts were inspected and replaced wherever necessary. We offer quality service and warranty at nominal service fee. So, if you are looking for “TV repair near me” services , then contact us right away!


Sydney Moore

Great service! We thought our TV couldn’t be fixed but it is good as new once again! Thank you!

Pedro Santiago

Ulises is a true professional that provides honest, professional and trustworthy services that are very unusual in this industry. I could not recommend anyone else in Jacksonville better than him to troubleshoot and repair electronics equipment. If he can’t fix it, he will tell you so you don’t waste your time and money (this would be for equipment that is outdated and parts that are no longer in the market). We are lucky to have him in Jacksonville!

Maxine Griffin

Great service. Prompt and detailed. Very courteous. Will definitely use again.

richard linville

Ullyses was the perfect blend of technical knowledge and professionalism. He was always on time and courteous. I thought I would have to buy a new TV but he fixed the old one.

Gloria Glam

he best place to get TV Repair in Jacksonville Fl. These people helped me get the fix for my TV by fixing the components saving me big money.

Betty Sutherland

He was quick and convenient and would recommend to everyone.

JA Galasso

Would give 6 stars if possible. Honest and dependable. Do not hesitate to give them a call!

William Barker

When my 7 year old 60” Sony Bravia died with a pop, fizz and a puff of smoke, I initially assumed that I would need to replace it as so many electronics seem to be built to be disposable these days. Because I didn’t want to spend $2,000 on something comparable I decided to try repair first. I contacted Advance Electronic Tech on Tuesday Evening, and Ulysses came out the Wednesday morning. Within 20 minutes he had the problem diagnosed and an estimate for repair of the components of the power board that went bad and for the replacement. I opted for the repair of the board as it appeared ordering a new one would take longer. He took the board with him and had it working, and installed the next day before lunch. The TV works great again, He provided a strong warrantee for his work, and saved me $1,700. I can’t recommend this company highly enough for the quick response, capability, and outstanding customer service.

Nancy Coats

Can’t say enough about the service we received from Advance Electronic Tech. We are an elderly couple who needed one of our TV’s reset. While here doing that for us he also switched a couple of tv’s and hooked up an old Wii we had. Above and beyond. Would definitely recommend this company.

France Barnard

Great service! Fast, friendly and professional. Highly recommend using Advance Electronic Tech.

Chris O’Connor

This was a great experience $40 call out fee versus 5 times that from other electronic repair shops and issue resolved in less than a day can’t beat that result. Ulysses diagnosed the problem over the phone was at my house when he said he would be. It was a circuit board issue. He replaced it in 30 minutes handling everything with care put the tv back together and even helped me put it back on the tv mount over my fireplace. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone with a TV that is out of warranty. Great job 5 stars

John Deeser


Daniela Williamson

I called on Friday morning and the technician showed up that afternoon. By Monday morning, the TV was fixed and brought back to me. Fantastic service!

Brianna Kunz

Awesome Service & Great Price! Also Comes With Warranty! Would Highly Recommend!

Nathanael Loperena

Perfect service! Done the work quick and professionally. Very satisfied with the result.

Tori Furukawa

Called to get information on an issue I’m having with my TV. I didnt get his name but the man was very nice and helpful! I was at a loss after calling customer support of my TCL brand TV as they were completely useless. After a 2 minute phone call to this company they were very upfront and let me know these TVs are not the best and will probably not be worth fixing and gave me advice on what brand to buy. Thank you! It is so refreshing to speak to someone who doesnt beat around the bush or just say whatever to get money from you.

Tom Boyden

Grey service they got my 65 inch Samsung TV fixed they didn’t have the part in stock but it took about two days to get it.And now I have my TV working again thank you so much.

fernando correia

Fantastic service and the most affordable compared to other places that I called around, there were able to give me a price over the phone I would recommend them to my friends’ thanks !!

keiron pollard

Very happy with this tv repair service and was very affordable too . Thanks guys!

Dylan Watts

My 65″ Samsung curve tv went out 8 months after I bought it. Samsung sent 3 different technicians out to fix the problem but none of them could get the tv working. I then gave this company a call and the owner was out the next day. The service call was $40, which is very reasonable, and he will not waste your time if he thinks it is unfixable. He then proceeded to inspect the tv and was pretty confident he could fix it. Of course I had my doubts because 3 Samsung technicians couldn’t even fix their own product. Four or Five days later the part came in and he was back out to fix the tv. Once he put the new part into the tv, he plugged it back up and the tv started working properly again! Great service, reasonable pricing, and very knowledgeable. Will recommend to friends!

Michael Dasuja

Great experience Thanks Ulysses I highly recommend! Thank again.

netwurk hussellsimmons

Would not even check out the issue because i have a ga phone number. Like i cant live in Jacksonville with a ga number. Poor customer service. Turn down business with out getting proper information

Advance Electronic Tech (owner)
Aug 20, 2018

The reason we ask if you are in Jacksonville it’s because you have you have a Georgia number and we are a mobile TV repair services (we dont serve Georgia) we’ve been receiving a lot of calls from people far away from our serving area and we always ask every single customer that have a different area code number where they’re located before we explain all the details about our services and we dont waste our time or yours .
Again sorry for the misunderstood.

William S. Spann

Don’t go anywhere else! Best combination of price and service, PLUS, they come to your home to effect repairs! The diagnosis fee is $40, and you only owe them for a repair fee if they fix the TV. Very fair price too. Also, I called them on Saturday morning and that afternoon they were there. A+!

Allen J

I called the first site on google with a 5 start rating when looking for TV repair, and not only was this the best experience but it was quick and professional. Too bad not all service providers are this excellent to work with! 100% Recommendation!

mark cole

Thank you for the same day service. I appreciate your honesty. While you could fix my set, it was just not worth it. Putting the money to a new set. Thank you! Very professional and would recommend to anyone.

Kendall Barker

Technician came out on time after having been in great contact with me, he assessed the damage, made 100% sure of what the issue was, ordered parts, & scheduled a time to fix it with me later this week tentatively. He showed back up on Friday replaced parts, made sure everything was working, and saved the day! Could not recommend this service enough!

R. Antonio Burnett

***** FAST, HONEST, and OUTSTANDING SERVICE ***** I called Thursday evening and he came out Friday morning. My TV was fixed Monday afternoon, the part for the repair had to be ordered. And best of all the repair is guaranteed for a year. See the before and after pictures. I went from looking to buy a new TV to actually looking at my TV. I highly recommend Advance Electronic Tech for all of your TV repair needs.

Pierce Foster

This is Bridgette! Amazing service and in short record time!!! You just left from servicing our 75” Mitsubishi. Our big tv has been in storage for awhile. You were on time, knowledgeable, pleasant, gave us great advise! Very nice to meet you!

Maribel Gonzalez-Gysan

Best customer service!!! We called Saturday morning because our picture was not showing up on our 3 1/2 year old LED TV and he came to pick up the TV within the hour and had it back to us as good as new two days later. Great price and great quality service that even comes with a 6 month warranty. Highly recommend Advance Electronic Tech!!

Donovan Daley

What a life saver!! Thought I was going to be out thousands of dollars for a new big screen TV. As promised he came to my home for only $40.00. After some troubleshooting removed a circuit board for repair work at his shop. Less than 24 hours later he (Ulysses) returned to install the board and life was good again. I appreciated the fact that if it hadn’t worked he would not have charged me anything more and he gave me a 1 year warranty for his work!! Very pleasant experience. Look no further if you have issues with your TV you will not regret using his services.

Ashleigh Davis

If you have tv problems,I highly recommend him,he was so polite and very helpful. I actually went to another location and they wanted to charge me an arm and leg and not even tell me what the problem was!-_- ..I gave him a call and he gave me an idea as to what he thought could be wrong(sure enough he was right)and also gave me a very affordable price ,we set up an appointment that worked for us both ,did I mention he also comes to you ,and he was in and out within 20 minutes. Super fantastic guy,thank you so much for your help!!!

Pat Ledig

Fast & competent service. We will recommend Ulysses to others

Niesha Desue

Very professional and I highly recommend him for your tv repairs. Me & my boyfriend read the reviews, decided to try him to fix our Emerson. I’m glad that we gave him a call, he came on time & fixed our tv in like 30 minutes.

Beatriz Fong

They are AMAZING! We did not know what to do when our Samsung kept shutting off and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new TV or try to figure it out ourselves or keep waiting. Thankfully we called here and he was out SAME day!!! Good price but EXCELLENT work and warranty! We are so happy to have found him! Two thumbs up!

Alex Mikhaylets

Very straightforward and honest ,I would give 10 stars if I could. I would recommend his services to my friends and family!!!!

Jessica Murie

Awesome company!! My 3yr old 55″ LED TV stopped working – no sound, no picture – called Vizio to try and rectify, they told me it couldn’t be fixed. Called AET, came out the SAME day, fixed in about an hour and saved me hundreds from having to purchase a new TV!!! Very reasonable rates and extremely fast service, cannot recommend enough, call him first before you buy a new one, could be a simple fix like mine was 🙂

Bryan Thompson

Prompt and professional service. Repair process and cost was explained clearly and upfront. Was able to repair TV within 30mins which saved me from having to purchase a new TV. Highly recommend…

Relly Villanueva

Very honest, quality of service was superb and knowledge of products outstanding! Highly recommended!

Ernesto Perez

Mr Ulysses came by when I requested, very professional and less then an hour had my 70″ Sharp TV fix and very reasonable price, was dealing with Sharp company for over 2 weeks and never made date to come by and fix my TV, thank Ulysses for getting my TV back

Vikash Saunders

This company is the best TV repair shop in Jacksonville. Repair done in house in 30 mins! Best rates and best service.

Jeremy Beck

Fast, friendly, and great price

Christine Teta

Ulysses from advance electronic tech was a great help! This was the only place in Jax that was able to come to me, knew what the issue with my tv was with a brief description, as well as could immediately tell me the estimated price. Was pricey for minimal labor, but overall would recommend.

Jaynae Johnson

Amazing service! Very professional! Definitely recommend. Happy customer, he saved me from buying a new t.v.

Keith Borromeo

Great Guy, Great Service! They were fast and precise. I highly recommend Advance Electronic Tech.

William Dodd

Ulysses was able to come to my home the same day I called him, quickly diagnosed that my Samsung 4K TV needed a new mainboard, and had a replacement on order that same day. As soon a the part arrived, he was at my home and quickly had my TV working again. Both visits he arrived within the two hour window he gave me. I would recommend Ulysses without question. He was professional, friendly and courteous. Thanks again Ulysses!

David Kolby

Very good customer service, fixed issue on first visit.

Charles Hahn

Ulysses was on time, knew what he was doing and it was a GREAT experience. Having had the same issue in the past I had to haul my 65″ TV to the last guy and he kept it for 6 weeks claiming he had trouble getting the parts needed. Ulysses was finished in 35 min and it was half the cost. I highly recommend his services.

Elizabeth Snowden

I shopped around and this was the best price I could find. Furthermore, he was the quickest to respond, came out that day, and fixed two of my Samsung TVs! Highly recommend.

Dan Huynh

He was able to answer my call quickly and made an appointment to come to my house. He arrived at a decent time and he was able to find out what was wrong with my tv and fix it immediately. Great service and cost was very decent. Would highly recommend this company.

John Kirchberg

I can not express how GREAT the service was. I talked to the owner, Ulysses, on the phone in the late afternoon and he set up an appointment the very next day in the morning. Ulysses called before arriving at the scheduled time. Ulysses was very HONEST with me on the problem and said the part may not fix the problem. He came came back when the part arrived. The part did not fix the problem. Ulysses said that it would be cheaper to buy a new TV. He spent over two hours working on my TV and only charged me the service fee. I would gladly REFER him to any of my family or friends.

Gina W

Great customer service. It took him longer to take the screws out the TV than to fix the problem. Very knowledgeable and honest. And he does not overcharge.

Igor Semkin


Tony Shall

Very prompt, professional service,. $40 service call, and good pricing for repair. Highly recommend Advance Electronic Tech for TV repairs.Doug Cress

Great service. Ulises came out to the house the next day, diagnosed the problem quickly and returned on Monday with the repaired circuit board. Also found an additional problem with one of the circuit board wires and repaired it quickly. Also gave a one year warranty. Great service at a reasonable cost. Highly recommend them for your electronics repairs.

Mel R.

Ulysses was great. He showed up on time as promised. Soon as he came in, he started diagnosing the TV. He determined the that a capacitor was bad and that there were several loose connections on one of the boards. He said if the repairs don’t work, it would require a new board. But he said I am confident that I can fix it without needing to replace the board. As promised he replaced the capacitor and soldered all the loose or weak points on the board. We plugged it in and it was working like new, and the whole process was done in under an hour. Ulysses friendly, quick, and professional. I highly recommend his service before buying a new tv. $40 for the service call fee and $100 for the repair. Definitely worth it in my option!!!

Allie C.

Our TV died on us one morning and we decided to call Advance Electronic Tech. They were able to come out to inspect our television the next day. The owner of the company was the one who came out. He was on time and worked quickly. He was extremely honest with us and told me he recommended us investing the $200 it would cost to repair the part in our TV, on a new television.
Very professional and honest- that is what I like in a company! I highly recommend them!

Shannon Scruby Henderson

The great reviews are all true!! Ulysses arrived on schedule the day after I phoned, diagnosed our problem in 5 seconds, took our faulty circuit board home for repair and was back in 24 hours to reinstall it. I also appreciated that he hooked all the peripherals back up for me. I highly recommend this friendly and professional service provider!

John Kirchberg

I can not express how GREAT the service was. I talked to the owner, Ulysses, on the phone in the late afternoon and he set up an appointment the very next day in the morning. Ulysses called before arriving at the scheduled time. Ulysses was very HONEST with me on the problem and said the part may not fix the problem. He came came back when the part arrived. The part did not fix the problem. Ulysses said that it would be cheaper to buy a new TV. He spent over two hours working on my TV and only charged me the service fee. I would gladly REFER him to any of my family or friends.

Gina W

Great customer service. It took him longer to take the screws out the TV than to fix the problem. Very knowledgeable and honest. And he does not overcharge.

Cynthia Respert

Ulysses was AWESOME! I called him late on a Thursday afternoon. He came to our home the same day to evaluate the problem, and our television was fixed by noon on Friday. Awesome timing as we had company visiting us the following week. Personable. Professional. Prompt. Excellent service.

Tony Shall

Very prompt, professional service,. $40 service call, and good pricing for repair. Highly recommend Advance Electronic Tech for TV repairs.

Chad Tripp

I had a Philips 55″ TV that wouldn’t turn on. Didn’t really want to buy a new one but hesitated on calling service because I expected it to be way too much $$. I happened upon Advance Electronic Tech doing a Google search. Saw the reviews and felt it was worth the try. He scheduled the appt, arrived on time, and within 1 hour had the set working again. Very professional and very fair pricing. Overall great experience!

Elizabeth Mizula

I am so impressed by this company. Same day, affordable, friendly service. If your looking to fix a TV, this is the business to go with.

Sami Fullford

The technician, Ulysses. Courteous and knowledgeable. A pleasure doing business with such a charismatic young man. He handled the problem and educated me with information I can use in the future.
Called ahead and showed up on time. Thank you, Advanced electronic Tech.

Robin Withall

Great service!! I called at 9am, tech arrived later that day and fixed my tv within 15 minutes. The price was more than reasonable (less than half the fee that Geek Squad quoted, and that was just for their assessment!) with no add on costs! Would definitely recommend

Monique Mackenzie

Ulysses is awesome! Our house was hit by lightning and he fixed all of our tv’s quickly and efficiently! Red very knowledgeable and we will always use his service for any future repairs! We highly recommend his services!

Shannon Walford

Excellent service, fast, and dependable. He fixed my TV when the capacitors went bad and charged a reasonable price. A few days later my TV went out again. He came back to replace the board at no charge. He guarantees his work. I will use him in the future and highly recommend him for your TV repair needs.

Joel M

They are AMAZING! We did not know what to do when our Samsung kept shutting off and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new TV or try to figure it out ourselves or keep waiting. Thankfully we called here and he was out SAME day!!! …More

Tarah Horney

Fixed my tv fast and way cheaper than expected. He made it to my house on time, was friendly and professional. Fixed my Sony tv fast and is very knowledgable. Stands by his work, comes with a 6 month warranty. I recommend him 100%!

Anita Martin

We had an lightning strike which went through the cable box and blew out the TV mother board, not the power supply in July 2015. I called he came out right away. Unfortunately, my TV was so new that we had to wait a few day for the board to arrive. Needless to saw it was fixed quickly and guaranteed for 6 months. He also noted that my Comcast cable line was above ground, and informed me that I should call Comcast and have it buried as is appropriate for cable lines. I appreciated his helpfulness.

Manuel Morales

Very professional and friendly. He arrived right on time as promised. He called ahead of time to confirm our appointment. Diagnosed my TV perfectly and got it fixed quickly. Reasonably priced. I will certainly call him again for future …More

Cathy Drought

My TV has been hit by lightning twice in 4 months! Both times the HDMI board had to be replaced. The first time, I contacted him by email later Friday and he was there before noon on Saturday. Yesterday the same thing happened, I …More

Karen G

Professional, knowledgeable, thorough, courteous, and quick response. Set up appointment for next day repair, and within an hour had diagnosed and repaired the TV that had been damaged when lightning took out my internet and TV service. Definitely recommend this company. Perfect 10.

Jay Williams

They came out the same day, found the issue immediately, and explained it to me and showed where the failure point was.
They have a positive customer service attitude and excellent knowledge.
I would use them again for any electronic repair.

lily chan

Fast and great service, called and received service on the same day. Would recommend them to anyone with tv problems!

Adriane Ross

I called this morning and he was able to provide an estimated price range for fixing the problem over the phone, came out today, and diagnosed and fixed my television all in one hour. He was fast, friendly, professional, and extremely …More


He did a great job repairing my television. He fixed it the same day and saved me $$. Very Professional!

Boat Man

quick, professional service on my lightning struck TV at the right price………..very happy.

Jayne Patrick

He was very courteous and prompt. He met the deadlines that he gave to us.

Debra VanderBaan

The TV no longer powered on and capacitors were replaced.
Ulysses was very responsive, provided prompt & excellent service, and does house calls. He makes the whole repair process very simple and easy for consumers.

Christopher Wadley

Their service was good. They came out last Friday and I had them fix a TV that had bad capacitors. They helped me get the TV off the wall, fixed the capacitors and helped me put it back on the wall. He was polite, clean and helpful.

Linda Werdmolder

Came and fixed my TV. He was very prompt and knew what the
problem was. Was equipped to fix it quickly. Was professional and very personable.

Sybil Hysler

My TV was damaged by lightening, and Ulysses spent a couple of hours working on it a few weeks ago. He was unable to fix it because the main board had gone out. Ulysses charged me the regular price for a home visit (a little over $40, I can’t remember the exact amount, but less than $45), and explained that he would attempt to find the necessary part to fix the TV. A couple of days later he let me know he was unable to find the part. He gave me the part number so that I could continue the search. It took a while, but once I was able to obtain the part, I called Ulysses. He came out at my first opportunity (my first, because he was willing to come the day I called!). Ullyses spent a good hour or so with the TV, taking it apart, trying the new board, etc. He found that the new board was not working (he performed multiple tests to ensure the results were consistent), so put the TV back together with the old board (which is working enough to watch TV, but doesn’t work with the remote, and doesn’t allow HDMI connections). He then looked at a second TV for my niece. When he got ready to leave, Ulysses didn’t charge me anything because he was unable to fix the TV. (Not his fault, it’s an older TV and the parts just aren’t available).

Ulysses is not only very good at his job, but he’s the epitome of Great Customer Service.